Hi Scott
I must admit I like Jammer Live. It's very straight forward to use. Only thing I don't like, is that there isn't a great variety of styles available. I use a lot of piano arpeggio styles, but I haven't managed to find one.
As for OMB http://www.1manband.nl/omb.htm
at the bottom of the page, Jos has a number of tutorials.
To use the Tyros, I think you have to put it into a NON arranger mode ie a mode that makes it function more like a synth not an arranger keyboard. The manual should tell you how to do it. The info would probably be in the section to do with various midi settings.

I gather midi is via usb? if so
Go to Settings & set midi in & midi out to usb.

Set Device Type to XG

Chord Fingering to Full Fingered

User Interface. I normally set it to P.C. 2 I prefer to trigger variations via computer keyboard.

It might be worth your while getting used to the programs first, rather than jumping in and trying to learn everything at once.

I started off by learning how to use OMB with my Clavinova piano & it's xg sounds . Then when I was comfortable with the various functions, I started to delve into the world of softsynths.
For me, one step at a time is usually best.
best wishes
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best wishes
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