being a beginner in the world of softsynths, I will try to explain things the way I see them.

If I make mistakes, AJ, Frank and Rikki can intervene and straight things up.

Imagine your softsynths as rack mounted real synths.

So, you need a rack to put them in place, before even turning them on, right? (please ignore my schoolteacher's attitude)

So, Download Brainspawn forte, install it, and you have a rack. that's what it is, at least in the very beginning.
go to preferences, see about midi input ports etc.

# You have Hypercanvas, it is a softsynth, so it needs a rack to reside on and an output buss.
Install it, load Forte, (it will search in designated places on your hard disk to find any softsynths you may have) and then go File, load etc. It will load Hypercanvas and also load an output buss and route Hypercanvas to the output buss.

Try the simplest method first. treat Tyros as a dumb midi controller, so press a key. Most probably a sound will be heard (piano?). Press the green down arrow button on the forte Hypercanvas "synth slice on the rack" (be sure you have at least 1024x768 screen resolution at first). Voila, our synth's panel. Hypothetically, the tyros transmits on channel 1 or both 1 and 2 for the layer and so on. Choose sounds on your rack (click on the vertical channel instrument name, navigate through the menus choose the sound you want. Play a little, adjust the hyper canvas internal effects knobs for reverb and chorus.

Does it work? Does the sound comes out? Does it "respond" quickly to the touch of a tyros key? or is there a noticeable lag?