Well, spalding....... Amen to it being too much bother. That's why squeak originally wanted to hear if the T2's drums could be made as punchy as the G70's.

It's one thing to have a great BFD drum kit on your laptop, playing away, but what does it do if, in the middle of the style, it receives a PC# for a different kit (quite a few styles change drum-kits for some reason or another). Or if you want to segue from a funk tune to a jazz tune..... How long does it take the laptop to load up a GB-sized brush kit?

There's a lot we take for granted with arrangers, particularly how EVERYTHING is available 24/7. You start going down the VST streaming sampler route, and life can get VERY complicated. And expecting a style, as dynamic as you like, to translate without some major tweaking to another. totally different kit is unrealistic. Even drummers play different kits differently!

Sample vel-xover points, response curves, degrees of hi-hat 'openness', power curves, NONE of these things have EVER been standardized. You are usually VERY lucky to get a MIDI file from one kit to play just as well on another FROM THE SAME MANUFACTURER, yet alone a different one!

I, for one, think that BFD is total overkill for arranger use. It has a pretty high CPU overhead, most of which is going to streaming loads of voices (BFD streams 7.1 surround sound files) for ambience and room mikes that are of little use, live (after all, you are already playing in an ambient room!).

But, if you stream it out to a big SSL in the studio, with a channel for each drum and mike, just like a real kit, and EQ and compress it just like a real kit, only the MIDI file will give it away as fake. The sounds are PERFECT!

But the wrong tool for live, IMHO. Maybe a few more computer generations and it will be OK, but streaming this monster at low enough latencies to be useful live can tax even a beefy computer....