There are V-Drums in the G70 and E80, and a couple of V-Kits (although labeled as 'New Pop') in the E50/60.

I too think it is wonderful to have drum samples in an arranger that have been picked by drummers, NOT keyboard players....! I don't think any arranger maker uses drummers to voice keyboard sounds, why is it they use mostly keyboard players to voice the internal drum kits!

When the V-Kits first started appearing in arrangers, I remember a bunch of arranger players going 'I can't believe that you can't get rid of the sampled ambience and bleed in the V-Kits', which always made me think 'My God, when was the last time any of these bozos actually played with a real drummer...?!'

That's what makes these things so realistic, a tiny bit of 'room' in the sample. You can still add more DSP reverb to make them bigger, but just like a real kit (impossible to record it well without getting the sound of the drum room in the overheads a little bit) there is ALWAYS some 'space' around the sound.

Unless I've GOT to sound 80's, I never use anything other than the V-Drums, and my sound has never been so realistic....