Squeak..... I think that the T2 styles themselves ought to demo the drum dynamics (especially if you turn off the master compressor) to their best. At least, if they don't, Yamaha should be ashamed!

I've heard a couple of posts from last year, I think, where someone posted a few 'tweaked' T2 styles that took off the compression, and bumped the drums up in the mix a bit, and they sounded a LOT better. Still not as 'live' to my ears as the Roland V-Drums in the G70 and E80, but still a lot better.

The problem arranger manufacturers have is how to voice the styles.... Do they voice them for 'pros' who are used to the dynamics of real drummers, live onstage, or do they voice them for the home players, who mostly listen to drummers on CD's, already compressed and limited?

My ears tell me that Roland tend to go for the 'live' dynamic, and Yamaha prefer the CD sound. But either can be swapped, with enough work. It's just that most people don't want to go through that much work....!

And for players with WAY too much time on their hands, at least Yamaha include a sampler, which you could painstakingly sample a TD-10 or E80 and rectify the problem. Not that anyone is likely to bother with that much work, but at least it COULD be done! Maybe even take a selection of BFD drums or DFH2 and create your own multi-velocity kit.......

But best of luck using it live, given the appallingly slow sample load up time!