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Okay, here is another MP3 file that I made of the Tyros Drum Kits. I tried to include every Drum Kit type of the Tyros into the file.

I think this is more of what SqueakD wanted i.e. different Kits showcasing the different sounds and nuances of each kit and also how convincing and realistic they sound.

>> Tyros Drums Take Two

The Kits in order are:
1. Standard Kit1
2. Symphony Kit (two part)
3. Live! Pop Latin Kit
4. Live! Cuban Kit
5. Live! StyStandard Kit + Percussion
6. Live! Studio Kit
7. Dance Kit
8. Analog Kit
9. Brush Kit (two part)
10. Live! Standard Drums
11. Room Kit
12. Electro Kit
13. StyFunk Kit + Percussion
14. Rock Kit
15. Hit Kit
16. Jazz Kit


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How about the Live! Power kit1 and Live! power Kit 2???

they are the two kits that are in a complete different league over the other tyros 2 drum kits... these are the kits I am mainly referring to when I say how great the yammy drums are and how under rated they are...

Squeak until you hear these drum kits you couldn't possibly make an educated/executive opinion on the quality of the yammy drums..
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