I am not trying to be a moderator. Thats an impossible job especially here . I am just trying to get back to the good stuff. those of you that like the odd spat can go in the "bar " and cuss and fight to your hearts content.You wont find me in there as i am teetotal !

The talk about the arranger instrument and how it sounds is what the arranger forum is for and thats why i am still here on the forum.

If the detail in the drum samples is lost in the mix with other instruments or if the drumming style is played well enough to hide the fact that the raw sample does not have enough room ambience or sympathetic resonance of the other instruments then this discussion is flawed. Thats why i would like to hear what squeak is talking about but within an arranger style. I heard peter baartman play the T2 and i have to be honet with you, the sound coming from the instrument as a whole nearly sold me. I had to catch myself from reaching for my credit card ! I am saying that within the mix i did not notice a deficiency with the drums sufficient to make me notice .

I know some people are shelling out big money for vst sounds to play within their arranger like the mediastation ( i am not commenting specifically on this instrument ) but when you hear the parts mixed together it does not always and in fact much of the time does not sound as good as the well programmed less technically advanced lower end home keyboards that get denigrated so often.

So please can someone post a file using the best drums they can find either VST , Roland etc and then a comparrison with a bog standard T2 please.
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