It's done .. I started a new topic but I'll post the link here as well... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UWTTY6HG

The first half of the MP3 is a midifile I made of individual sounds, varying velocities. I used 10 different kits, switching them as I looped the midifile and it played from end to end.

The second half of the MP3 was made in a similar manner, but was recorded with a few quick Blues / Fusion based patterns I threw together.

Maybe I should have posted a few from my vsti kits too. I tried a couple of them with the same patterns I used in the second half of this MP3 and there was no comparison, especially on the electro kits... I still like the T2 as much as ever, but for me the drums are the weak spot... Still they are more than ok to me for live play...