I've already listened to all the demos provided in that link Demo #52 actually brings up another question. It's an A/B comparison. The second half is the T2's kit. Is that particualr kit the best of the "acoustic" kits on the T2? I still noticed that the toms were dry. That's why I want to hear these samples by themselves.

You'd be surprised how much of a difference a kit sampled in the way Roland's are will enhance a style or drum track. The thing is.., the sound from a kit shouldn't be so "PURE". There "should" be snare buzz when hitting the toms, and bass drum. Having ghost notes makes doing rolls on fills much easier. Velocity switching on the drums makes it much simpler as well. Maybe Yamaha just assumes that given it's an arranger many owners aren't going to really fiddle with the kits or be so picky considering the unit has styles.

A good example is my Zoom MRT3 drum machine. Although a very nice drum machine (which is even sampled above CD quality), the sounds are so freaking PURE that it will at times sound "too clean". That's why the Boss drum machines are so popular. They use these types of kits on the their drum machines and they're present in the Roland keyboard line. Now the E-80 is supposed to have V-drum sounds. WOW! Anyone ever play a V-kit??? They're simply mind blowing.

Call me too picky, but with all the technology out there being used by keyboard makers today, I can't for the life of me understand why Yamaha doesn't use this on their preset drum kits. Especially on a keyboard that costs over three grand... IMO they can pack all the SA, Mega, Sweet, Cool, and Live voices they want into the unit, but I'll say till the day I die "If you want a style to stand out then the core of the style (being drums/bass) must be strong". A weak kit will take the life out of any style.


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