cant we just leave the arguments out of even one post ???? This is one of the few posts on this "arranger forum" that is actually about an arranger !

For me i love the real drum kits from wersi, i love the VST kits that were posted and i enjoyed the yamaha kits.However none of them sound any good unless they are within a style for me. I am not a drummer so listening to pure drums is not significant to how i would use them.

Until some one posts these kits within a style as ALL OF US WOULD NORMALLY USE THEM then this is just heat and very little light.

Please post a style using "real drums" from Roland or a vst kit and then a similar or ideally the same style using the yamaha kit becuase when i play an instrument such as an arranger i am listening to the effect of the combined instruments and not any one sound unless that sound is so out of place that it draws my attention to it.

This is an interesting thread to me. Please gents can we just stick to the subject and not get all bent outta shape by carrying on the personal stuff that is seriously wrecking this forum.

Pretty pretty please ???????