I guess I should clarify. I do like the new acoustic ( live ) sets enough that I could use them. The velocity layering works pretty well on some of the drum sounds. I think maybe what bothers me though is that some of the individual drum sounds ( the sidestick is a great example ) have not changed much since I had my PSR530 and 740, and are very easy for me to identify, even in a mix. The average listener wouldn't know that of course.

Where I feel there is a real weakness is in the electronic / dance kits. Their counterparts on the Motif ES are ( my opinion of course ) considerably better, or at least more modern sounding. Would it have killed Yamaha to add a few of those ?

Good idea too Spalding. I'll use the same midifiles and post a few of the Vst kits.

I still think the T2 is an amazing board for what it does. It sounds very good live overall, and that's the key for me. Also, some of the instruments sound very nice to me, even against much bigger sample sets. For example I like the guitars as much as anything I have here in samples, with the possible exception I like Real Guitar a little better. That's pretty amazing to me in itself.. that an all in one board could even be close to an app that uses more samples for a couple of guitar sounds than the T2 uses for it's entire sound palette.

Ok let me load those patterns up in FL and I'll send a few VST drum kits as well.