Thanks for posting that. It's almost midnight here. I'll post my examples tomorrow morning. I'm going to show what I mean about samples that include "natural effects". I'll show how one snare drum will trigger a very nice "pop" once the velocity curve is nailed. I'll also show how the bongos switch as well.. Hell I'm almost certain one of my bongos has 3 velocity curves. I'll also show how the toms not only sound authentic with the "snare buzz", but I'll even demonstate how realistic the toms sound when you trigger the velocity curve within those. The bass drums are the same way. Geez now that I think about it.., take the Rock Kit on my Roland for example. That kit alone has 7 different bass drums, and 6 or 7 snare drums, plus a ghost note for rolls.

I'll post my examples in the morning.. Again thanks for posting your demo. Hopefully more T2 owners will post.

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