Spalding I agree. My post wasn't to knock the T2. I honestly wanted to hear the drum because presently I can't get to this keyboard to try out myself.

I just want to point out to others that there ARE things I like about Yamaha. Just because I use Roland doesn't mean there aren't things I like about Yamaha. First I think the PSR's Tyros series too has AMAZING orchestral voices. I think Yamaha's gutars are also really really good. I actually like their raw samples over Roland. It's just the use of nuances that got me. Roland compensates with the "guitar mode", and also I'm not the ONLY one who spoke of the SA guitars.... Have you noticed the changes with the Expanded SA voice on the Motif XS? Those nuances are now "more user controllable". If I'm playing the guitar voice on a keyboard I don't want the keyboard telling me where the nuances are... Shit that's my job

All seriousnes though Nick, rock out your T2 man.... If she gives you wood in the morning, then hey you're meant for eachother. Me I get my thrills from Roland, but again it doesn't mean I hate Yamaha.

Anyways lets get back on subject here as Spalding suggested. We do (me included) too often get off topic and have our little spats.


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