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I have to agree with Diki on this one. If the original style itself lacks any dynamics I don't see how a VST is going to do much. The VST will of course give a better kit to use, but if the style itself lacks the dynamics it'll just sound exactly like the same style just with a different kit. Or am I missing something?


Only what I didn't say in my post Squeak. The multisampled styles should have some variation in dynamics right ? Still, I am well aware of the fact that the style created midifiles may not have the desired dynamics. To overcome this I can either use the humanization functions in EZ Drummer or
FL studio, or simply slice the midifiles back into patterns and modify them inside of FL. It's a lot easier to do than it might appear, with FL's paintbrush for CC parameters function.

I won't mind doing it since I'm kinda interested myself in how it will turn out, but yes it's a bit of work so when I get to it.. well I'll get to it.