None of the boards I've had that had sampling capabilities were particularly user friendly for me, vs using a dedicated sampling unit or a vst plug-in. This includes the PA80, Motif "Classic" and Motif ES, and the Tyros. I tried using the sampling functions in each one of these and always walked away frustrated. My experience with the plug in boards in the Motif's ( and for a brief time the PSR9000 ) aren't much better. Though they both have some wicked great sounds ( I have the VL and AN boards ), they don't mesh particularly well with the hardware, and in the case of the AN board, the editing capabilities are extremely limited without using external software. I find this to be very dissatisfying, as the Mo ES itself has adjustable knobs and sliders.. almost a must for the dedicated analog player, yet I can control very few of the plug ins' numerous parameters with them...

The T2 serves a purpose for me, hence it is still here and will likely be for a while. But.. I also like making beats and sounds up "on the fly". Unfortunately, none of my hardware boards are particularly good for this... It can be done in any of them, and the Motif ES is geared for it to a degree, but it's hardly worth the effort as opposed to the ease of doing so using an app like FL Studio and some of the soft synths I have, or just playing some of the drum patterns live, which I've been working a lot on and have been getting a little better at.


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