First of all Nick I don't HATE Yamaha. I've owned them. I live in West By God Virginia man! If there was a freakin store IN MY WHOLE STATE that I could go to and demo a T2 I never would have posted this damn topic to begin with. So many people here say go play the board yourself, but I'm not getting in my car and making a 6-8 trip just to try out a keyboard. People in my position have to rely on users on forums such as this who own boards that are not within reach of some people to demo.

As far as your comp using an SA voice, great job man. If guitar players like it then Kudos to you. I'll say this. If you play a standard D and move to a G using the SA voices and hear string noise. Guess what WRONG!! The guitarists hand does not move up or down the strings (or neck) to transistion from D-G with their hand in the standard playing position. Watch a guitar or player or better yet "try one yourself". Basic chords such as D, G, E, B, C, A to name a few are played with the hand in the standard playing position. All those chords are transistioned without string noise because your hand doesn't move. Just your fingers move, if your hand does slighly move it's not enough to even create string noise. If I ever watched a guitar player playing these standard and basic chords full of string noise I'd ask a few questions.

Just because I like Roland Nick doesn't mean I like everything about them.. There are some things I'd like to lay into Roland about. I don't have a problem with Yammie guitar. Honestly and I've said it before I think YAMAHA has better guitars than Roland (did I knock you out of your seat there?), but it's not to say Roland's are bad either. However, if you're gonna add nuances at least make them CORRECT. Then people defend it by saying "ahhhh the audience doesn't know any better". I've heard that statement time and time again. How ignorant and arrogant can be musican be to make a statement like that???? To assume your audience doesn't know any better.

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