I agree with Diki Mike. It would be pointless for me to create a midi file to be played on other boards considering the differences in the makeup of drum kits as pointed out my Diki.

I know I'm not the only one here who bangs out their drums on the keys. Plus I don't really want to hear the drums within the styles of the T2. I've always felt Yamaha's drum tracks in their styles lacked "dynamics". If the samples themselves allow dynamic playing I'd like to hear other users post those examples.

I know drum playing is hard for some here, but just to at least hear the "toms, bongos, bass drums, ect AlONE" would be great. I want to hear the individual samples themselves. If a one of the members can rip out a quick track that would be great too. As I said I'd be willing to post sample demos of my Roland's kits to show how "dynamic" Roland's drum kits are.


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