i appreciate that using VST drums might be more cumbersome in practise when working live with your arranger but up till now i have never heard a comparrison to tell whether the extra effort is actually worth it in terms of the appreciable difference in sound. Thats why i ask for a comparrison demo in a style just as i would hear a T2 or korg drum set in a style. Its really difficult to make a judgement concerning he drums and velocity switching etc if i cant hear a demo. I have the Pax and it has dual velocity switching but the programming of the drums within the style is so good that compared to some of the vst kits i have heard (that have much more accurate samples with 3 and 4 layered velocity switched samples) its hard to tell the difference.I have yet to hear a vst drum kit or higher than a dual velocity switched drum kit in a style (unless i roland do this and i could not tell the difference). Queation ? Does the E80 have higher than dual velocity switched drums as i have played that instrument personally and loved the styles ,some of which are very similar in its live feel to my Pax.
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