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Thanks Mike. I have to be honest though. Those sounds are "not" what I would expect to find on a keyboard that cost over $3,000... With all do respect Yamaha really needs to get their heads out of their backsides on this issue.

So what if the unit has SA voices, ect. The drums are quite weak IMO. They lack any real punch. They're too "dry", and over processed. The sound has been stripped of natural effects. That really brings up more questions. If the tyros drums are "digital samples" how could they sample a kit and NOT get natural effects such as snare buzz????? That makes no sense. They would have to dismantle the kit, and sample the toms, and bass drum unattached, or the released the snare switch on the snare drum itself prior to sampling. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Plus the "rolls" showcased were extremely "mechanical". They lacked any real dynamics. Sounded like a "snare machine gun" If there are dead give-a-ways to a Yamaha drum kit, it's the rim shot, snare, and ride cymbals. If Yamaha is using drummers to program the drum styles then I'd suggest they hire some new people.

Thanks for posting Mike.


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Squeek how u going mate its been a while???

seriously i reccon you are looking into it wayyy too much... every person who i have met who have heard me play the T2 live (and im talking musicians who have been in the game for over 30-40 years)always comment on how good and real those drums sound...

in a live performance no one will ever notice those aspects that you have picked up on..

Seriously you have had someone sent you samples to play in the silence of your studio, you have probably played them over and over, paused, rewind etc etc to find the in perfections...

its a different sound to Roland/Korg/Ketorn everyone must agree on that... but still a great sound that no Yamaha owners worry about... i still think you need to sit down and play one for your self (not using the Tyros speakers)and not an MP3 or WAV file on your PC...

I still also think Roland and Korg need to sack their team who design their acoustic guitar sounds.. they are nothing near the quality of the Yamaha Mega nylon/steel guitars... and in my opinion acoustic guitars are one of the most important components of a backing arrangement. about 99% of songs have an acoustic guitar or electric guitar strumming somewhere in the background...

then again Roland/Korg guitars are in no way shocking or terrible, they are in fact very much up there in realism but if u wanna be picky and compare, they are years behind Yamaha.
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