Couldn't agree more Diki!!!!! That's why I love Roland's Roland nailed it with the V-Drums, and one of the smartest things they have ever done was carry that over to their other products.

You're dead on about the lack of drummers being used to program the drum tracks too. Maybe that's why Yammies styles are so over quantized (gonna take a hit for that one I bet)..

I'll give a suggestion to anyone here wishing to create their own drum tracks. Your biggest friend "can" be the quantize, but it can also be your "worst" enemy! Quantize should be applied at the strength of 100% when doing music such as dance and techno, and other forms of electronica, but when you're doing classic and traditional styles "DO NOT" set your quantize strength to 100%.... Doing so makes the track sound too mechanical. A grid strength of 100% makes it sound like a robot is sitting at the kit

Anywho look forward to AJ's posting. I've been wanting to hear the T2's kits by themselves and broken down.
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