I've had my hands on just about every Yamaha semi-pro and pro arranger up to the Tyros 1. I've owned a few Yammies too. I can say from my experience (all the way up to the Tyros 1), Yamaha's drums have IMO always lacked in dynamics and in some cases realism.

I posted this topic because I "wanted" to hear the kits on the T2 since I can't find one locally. If the T2 has velocity switching then great. However Nick, keep in mind I'm also a drummer. So I'm going to be a little more picky about my personal needs and what I require from a keyboard. One thing I will not budge on is good quality drum kits, and IMO Roland has always deliverd over Yamaha in this area.

It also doesn't take a drummer to listen to a sample and tell if the nuances are there. You can clearly hear in Roland Demos those nuances are there, and the tracks are full of dynamics. IMO Yamaha's tracks are over quantized and lack the live feeling due to limited kits, over quantizing, and too much compression.

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