Could someone or "anyone" who owns a Tyros 2.., please post something I would "really" like to hear. Demoing a T2 in my area will never happen. I have a better chance of being elected President of the USA than I do finding a T2 locally.

I would love to hear the "drum kits" from the Tyros 2 (drum kits only as well). We've all expressed our opinions on what makes a GREAT sounding style in the past. IMO what makes or breaks a style is the drums and bass. I've always said that if there is one thing that's a DEAD GIVE-A-WAY that a song was played on an arranger keyboard using a style.., it was because of the drum and bass tracks.

Some of us like Roland, some like Yammie, Ketron, Korg, ect. However, many of us here also play "other instruments". I've been playing the keys since I was 5 years old, but I'm also a guitar player and a drummer. Which is probably why I've been so hard on Yammie over the years

We all have different reasons that draw us to our particular brand of keyboard. What draws me to a Roland is the "Drums". It's my years as a drummer which is why I truely appreciate the work that goes into the drum kits on a Roland keyboard. Roland's drum kits are just plain awesome. The reason is, Roland kits include tons of "multi-sampled and velocity switched" drum sounds. They also include other things that drummers can appreciate like "ghost notes". There's also "natural effects" you get from a drum kit. For example: On a real acoustic drum kit, when you hit the bass drum and the toms you're going to get "snare buzz". This is due to the sound waves vibrating the "mesh" under the snare drum. Roland includes this type of natural effect within their samples, and have been doing this for a while. Plus having the multi-sampled kits, and the use of natural effects, Roland is able to create really good drum tracks in styles that include a wide range of "dynamics".

I'm willing to post examples of my Roland's drum kits to show why "I personally" chose Roland as my main board. Could someone please post demos of the Tyros 2 drum kits. I want to hear individual sounds as well as combined. Don't use the styles either. Just play the kits. If someone is willing to do this I will post examples of Roland's kits. I just want to hear these kits on the T2. Even though my Roland is a synth, the same sampling applies to other Roland keyboards.

Is someone willing to post these sounds?

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