Jick Duck & Vquestor may have to start a new thread. This one is getting long in the tooth!!!

Jick Duck, one of the benefits of Live - Styler is exactly as you point out, i.e., it's suitability for touch screens. Branda of Germany does just that and uses a modified version of Live - Styler.

The dll files should be placed in Windows\System32 as you did.

I would say the loading of soundfonts in Live - Styler is only marginally useful for playing live the right and left hand side of your controller keyboard. It is much better to have a softsynth for this especially if you are going to use a host like forte Ensemble.

Vquestor, after seeing your note, I quickly tested the DXi Version that came with Sonar 3. Quess what - it works!!! It even seems to work without having to make adjustments to the style drum banks 16256 to 127. This version of VSampler automatically copies the drums from bank 127 to 128. Now, I have to do far more testing to see whether it works ok in general. I only ran 2 styles using Live - Styler and it worked ok. I got some hanging notes but that could be that I did not remove LiveSynth Pro from forte which uses the same midi ports. I will let you know as I find more things.

I have been able take advantage of several updates, namely, Cakewalk Sonar 3 (UltraFunk Sonitus Effects) and Live - Styler. These seem to work well on my system - so far. I have finished beta testing forte Ensemble Release Candidate 1 (RC1). It is a winner!!!!!!!!!!!! The public release should happen shortly. This is an important milestone in quest for a software based arranger system - efficient, effective, reliable and priced right. You can't lose - I think.

I should remind all those contemplating systems like this that it pays to tweak your Windows XP as per the information I pointed to in past posts on this topic. It is especially important to do this if you run heavy duty samplers with disk streaming.

Talking about disk streaming, VSampler is not able to do this and therefore you would not beable to effectively use the premium instruments, e.g., Bardstown Bosendorfer 2.5 GB Piano. They are planning on adding this feature in the next update. I think they may be optimistic. This is a difficult feature to get to work properly - as others have learned the hard way.