Starkeeper, you ask some menacing questions.

First off, LiveSynth Pro is a DX instrument and needs a DX Wrapper like Project5 or Brainspawn. Given I also wish to use a Vocal Harmonizer like DecaBuddy or VoiceMachine, I need something like Cubase which allows you use these effects and to import your voice. The vocal harmonizers do not work in Cakewalk Sonar or Project5. Alternatively there is no DX to VST conversion software that I can find. So by Rewiring Project5 to Cubase SX I got everything I need (expensive and not very elegant - but it works well) Once Brainspawn comes out with Audio Inputs then I have it made. It imports both DXi and VSTi as well as effects.

If you have no need for a vocal harmonizer then you have the world as your oyster, e.g., Brainspawn, Project5, Console, etc. All these will load LiveSynth and Kontakt. Alternatively, you could use Cubase SX if you can find a good Soundfont VSTi, e.g., VSampler 3.0, etc. Best of all would be a Yamaha XG to GM style conversion, especially the drums. This would allow you a great deal of freedom to choose excellent wavetables such as Edirol's HQ Sound Canvas.

Kontakt comes with few samples of their B4. In addition, I use Sonic Implants B3 samples which are very good and relatively inexpensive. These samples include, slow and fast rotating speakers, stopped rotator and many drawbar settings. As you know I have the B4 also but often use the Sonic Implant samples. This facilitates setting up and loading 8 or so instruments into Kontakt to cover a given genre of music, e.g., jazz. These samples come in Giga Format and need to be converted to Kontakt. Kontakt does a good job converting these samples.