Vquestor, you are right the Brainspawn people already know the answer to the missing midi note problem. It is the result of 4 missing lines in the Option.ini file. In fact, this is a temporary solution just for me to accommodate the vocal harmonizers. The future solution (version 1.4) will make it part of the overall MidiFx enhancement.

So again, I am very happy with the whole outcome of this adventure.

I still use Live - Styler as my main style player. I am currently doing some beta testing for it (harmonies, mp3, midi player, etc.). OMB has its pluses too. It plays PSR2100 & Tyros styles without modifications for such things as OTS, etc.

With respect to LiveSynth Pro I plan to proceed as follows:

* Continue to use it for as long as it remains the best option.

* Start planning to use another alternative. If I had to make a decision today I would pick VSampler 3.0/sYnerGi GS Wavetable and modify the styles (change drums from 16256 to bank 127) and do a few each day.

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