I havn't posted for quite some time now,
but I've been reading the posts.

I'm very interested in this software arranger project. My dream is to have "everything" in one box (portable) and upgradable that I can use live at gigs.

I am thinking of mounting a:

76 key controller keyboard
P4, motherboard, harddrive, CD-RW etc...
High quality soundcard
Mixer (doesn't have to be a gigantig one)
Flat panel touchscreen (not so expensive on eBay)
Maybe a midi control surface with touch pads.

I want to assemble all these things in one "box"
All the components (besides the box) should weigh very little. I would take the mixer out of its metal case and attach the pc boards(s) inside my box with the pots sticking through the top and in/outputs
on top and in back.

I can use any software I want and the computer parts are cheap and upgradable.

Also, Live styler 4.0 is available and you can directly load soundfonts (I think this means no softsynth is needed).

My only problem is the "box". What do I use and it must not be too heavy.

I would appreciate your ideas.]
Do you think it's doable?