Frank, I am using Forte thanks to you. I needed something to run VSTs. I first tried Cubasis, which cost $100. I assumed since it was Steinberg (who created the VST and ASIO specs), it would work well. But it had latencies on the order of a second! I read the earlier posts in this thread and decided to try Forte. I downloaded Solo (Free), and the Ensemble (Demo). I highly recommend Forte Solo as a free program to test VSTs for those who do not have something else. I have downloaded DeccaBuddy, but haven't tried it yet. I look forward to future versions of Brainspawn and I appreciate your inputs to them, because they serve my purposes as well.

BTW: Harmony-Central has a press release on the 64-bit NeKo (name has been changed) from Open Systems. Maybe Donny will repost the kewl picture here or in a new thread.

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