Vquestor, its about time that I acknowledged all your suggestions (Brainspawn, LiveSynthPro, etc.). I probably would not have stumbled on these without your help. In fact, this was the last step in my totally sofeware based arranger system, nemely the, flr2003. It works beautifully!!!

Frank, you are much too kind (although it is
nice to be appreciated after all the countless searches and inquiries). But, by the same token, it is you, whom all of us have to thank, for your investment in all the time and money in making the flr2003 a reality. Believe me, I'm as happy as you are!!
BTW, it's too bad you already sold your
M-audio card because the "RT Player" is
supposed to be optimized for it's use.
Also, is Live-Styler still your program of choice or have you switched to OMB 5.0?