Good news Frank,
This may be easier than you think.
You can set OMB to output to Midi Yoke NT:1.
Next load Forte with HQ hypercanvas, and click the "Midi Configuration" tab, then
click the "Channels" tab. On the left column
deselect all Midi Yoke channels except #1.
On the right, click the "Disable All" button.
Now you will have to double click on the
to bring up a pull down menu from
which you will select the same midi channel
as the input. Do this for all channels, except for channel 10 which you will leave
as "disable".
You can now load LiveSynth into Forte, and if
you are using your full Synergi SF, you
do the same thing except disable all channels
except for channel 10. Of course, if you
have customized a drums only SF, this is not
So, it appears that Forte can control the
Midi channel selection of the loaded plugins,
and so, you only need OMB to use one
MIDI Yoke channel output.
Please let us know if this works well.

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