Jick Duck, if you just want to change the transposition of the upper/lower voices (not the accompaniment) then you could do this by:

Using the shift button for the UM1 to UM4 voices or,

Go into controller for the UM1 to UM4 voices and adjust the pitch.

I have not tried this in a long time but I believe you can also send volume/transposition changes via midi messages from the keyboard.

In my case I can set this up as Scene Changes in forte and send it program changes from my keyboard. Works great for live performances.

Those of us who have LiveSynth Pro may need to have a private discussion as to whether we provide copies of this program given there is no longer a business impacted by such actions - with the exception of its competition. What do others think?

If this does not work then there are other alternatives as already mentioned in this thread.

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