Frank, I want to transpose "everything" (Right, Left, and accompaniment)at the same time by pressing just one key. I thought that the up and down transpose arrows in the live-styler main window are suppossed to do just that. However, when I click on one of the arrows I think its trying to transpose the accommpaniment but my chord recognition goes haywire. I don't hear any transposition in the right hand voices. I'm expecting just the simple transpose feature found on all arranger keyboards.

What do you mean by "UM1 to UM4 voices"?

Midi messages from the keyboard (Roland A70 A37 etc..) sounds like not a bad idea.

I am using forte solo and demo but I'm not to farmiliar with their features. By the way, what are the limitations in forte demo?

About livesynth pro, well, I wish I can have it. I still didn't get Vsampler 2.75 (demo?)
to load my gm soundbank that I downloaded from hammersound site. Its an 80 or something megabyte font so maybe thats the problem. I really want to try out live-styler with a softsynth that I know can handle big gm banks and be efficient and stable for live use. I still havn't gotten that yet.

Before I go about assembling my software based arranger keyboard I want to have the software and know that it works good.

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