Originally posted by elle:
Hi Frank,

I think your queste has come to a point where you (and others) might want to setup should setup a "Open Software Aranger Group" of some kind, which could approach the core vendors for your framework (the likes of Brainspawn and livestyler/OMB) and beyond the mere software interoperability of these modules pressure for a higher level (hardware simulation?) interface so the FLR can also be used in live situation.

jus a thought


Yes Elle, I agree.
I think that Nigel should consider adding
a "Software Arranger Forum" in the near
future. The time has finally arrived.

I can't express how absolutely excited I am
at the fantastic success you have been
having! I think that LiveSynthPro 1.4
still is the best option presently, so using
it as long as it works is not a problem.
I hope someone would buy and support their
great product.
Once they perfect ASIO compatibility, my only fear is that Brainspawn will get bought out by one of the big boys(e.g.,Cakewalk,Steinberg,etc.), and get put
on a shelf, so it won't compete with their
other products. Sorry for being so presumptuous - I hope I'm wrong.