elle, thanks very much for your kind comments.

With some additional developments, Brainspawn's forte will be ready for prime time, i.e., live performances. forte has powerful midi and scene changes implemented where you can make total system changes from your keyboard, e.g., using program & control changes, etc. You can also program your computer keyboard to make 'scene' changes along with other changes - hot keys. In addition, I could use a touch screen to improve the control surface. There are various companies working on control surfaces, e.g., M-Audio, etc. The partnership between Roland and Cakewalk could be helpful. But you are right, more needs to be coordinated with the hardware side. This will only happen if there is a market opportunity.

While the control surface is not as good as a regular arranger keyboard the other benefits such as, high quality effects and instruments outweigh the drawbacks. Plus you can use the instruments of your choice or synths of your choice without adding weight to your system.

I believe a viable software based system has just arrived!!!

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