Jick Duck, I don't know which version of Live-Styler you have. This could be the cause of missed communications. However, the way you describe the transposition should work. Here is a quote from the help file on the Live-Styler web site:

These two buttons allow you to transpose the played notes. The accompaniment is also affected by the transposition. The display between the buttons shows your actual value by which you are transposing.

I am currently testing version 5 and the following are the voices you would play live on the keyboard:

UM1 to UM4 (probably means upper manual)
LM1 to LM3 (Lower Manual)
PED (Bass Pedal)

In previous versions of Live - Styler these voices would have been referred to as R1, R2, R3, L1, etc.

When you go into Options and uncheck the Accompaniment, these voices should be revealed at the bottom of the main view. For each Voice UM1, etc. there is a shift key which will transpose the voice up or down one octave. If you go into controller you can adjust the pitch.

Sending pitch/transposition changes from the keyboard to so many different voices plus the accompaniment may not be to easy. You would need more than 16 channels to do so.

Keep in mind you would need to have voices loaded in Live - Styler and assigned to UM1, etc. for this to work. Alternatively you would need to assign the appropriate Midi Port and Channel from Live - Styler to the Sampler for each of UM1, etc. As I noted previously, I do not use these features in Live - Styler. I prefer to work in forte and transpose each channel/voice and assign it to a Scene. If I then want to change transposition I just send the appropriate progam change number from my keyboard - fast & easy!!!

I am not certain of what all the restriction for forte may be but this is a quote from their site:


THE USER has the right to evaluate this PRODUCT for the period of 30 days, provided that terms of Operating license are compiled with, and that the PRODUCT is not used for profit, including but not limited to creating patch libraries and sounds for any pieces THE USER are profiting from. Should you continue use of the PRODUCT after your evaluation period expires, or use it for any profit, THE USER shall pay the registration fee.'

VSampler 2.75 only has 64 banks. So if you load anything with more than that (GM - Drums Bank 127) you will end up with an unworkable mess. I would try Version 3.02 and see how it works for you. Remember you would need to reasign the drums from Bank 16256 to 127 within the Yamaha Style for this to work. This might work very well for you given that you have interest in changing/transposing voices. VSampler has far more control over voices than LiveSynth Pro. With LiveSynth Pro you would also need to acquire Soundfaction Alive or Vienna to modifiy the voices.

What about trying OMB? Jos is very good at answering questions. I happen to like Live-Styler but you must remember I started with it and have grown accustom to it.

I hope this helps.

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