Vquestor, you are right that not all DXi or VSTi work with Brainspawn. It appears, among other things, any instrument or plugin specifically keyed to an application like Cubase or Cakewalk will not work in Brainspawn. My guess is that this is some form of copy protection. The good news is that there are enough around that will work with Brainspawn or any other wrapper.

I have not taken a close look at RT Player Pro as of yet.

VSampler 3 does accept program and effects changes but it continues to have problems finding the Yamaha Drum Kits in Bank 127 (16256). So far the only solution I know is to go into each style with a sequencer and change to the appropriate drum bank, i.e., from 16256 to Bank 127 (really the same thing). Once having done this VSampler works great. This is alot of work and as a result I will stay with LiveSynth Pro. LiveSynth Pro uses the Alive (Soundfaction) voice editor to change or edit any of the voices/instruments in the Wavetable. So far this seems to work well.

Vquestor, its about time that I acknowledged all your suggestions (Brainspawn, LiveSynthPro, etc.). I probably would not have stumbled on these without your help. In fact, this was the last step in my totally sofeware based arranger system, nemely the, flr2003. It works beautifully!!!

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