Vquestor, I have no scientific evidence on whether VSampler or Kontakt is of higher quality. I do know the 'big guys' do not use VSampler. They use Kontakt, GigaStudio, Halion, EXS, etc. Some of the biggest Sample developers and serious composers are using these samplers. Keep in mind that VSampler 3.0 has not been released yet. It is taking forever. If it has good disk streaming it may merit consideration.

For my money I would select Kontakt - for the most part it works as advertised and does a good job of importing other file formats, e.g., Giga, Soundfont, Halion, etc.

The reason I have not tried the RT Player is that it cannot handle DXi or DX effects. V-STack, Cubase SX and other Wrappers provide very good VST hosts. What I need (or would like) is a host that could handle VST, DX and Audio. If RT Player can handle Audio In and VoiceMachine then that is a significant improvement over other Wrappers such as V-Stack. If it can handle VoiceMachine then it is even better than Cubase SX - amazing!!! I am involved in a number of beta testing projects and just have not taken the time to test the RT Player - but I will.