Vquestor, you are right, LiveSynth has been off line for a while. I also noted a de-emphasis of LiveSynth on Cakewalk's site. Hopefully, it get's a new life including as a VST instrument. Oh well!!!

If worse came to worse, we could always translate the drums from 16256 to 127 and use VSampler 3.0. SeerMusic may provide another alternative in the future - Windows XP & Yamaha XG compatibility. There could be other alternatives in the future - who knows!!!

If I wasn't so old and if the job wasn't so boring I would just go ahead and convert the Yamaha styles to GM format. This opens up many more alternatives. In the meantime I will continue to use LiveSynth Pro or your alternative LiveSynth XG Drums and the rest on Hyper Canvas or other GM Wavetable.

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