Originally posted by Frank L. Rosenthal:
Vquestor, I have just been notified that forte beta version 1.3 with audio in will be available for testing today. So I should be able to test DecaBuddy and VoicMachine.

If it works, I will move out of Cubase SX, Project5, etc. (expensive) to a simpler world of forte (elegant & affordable). Life is on the verge of getting better. We'll find out soon!!!

I surely hope it works!!! I will keep my
fingers crossed. Fortunately, it seems like they have a very good and customer friendly group at Brainspawn, so I'm sure they can work out any problems(hopefully).

One side note. I agree with you that
it is a lot of work to change XG styles to
GM, and this SHOULD NOT BE necessary for
your "flr software XG arranger" since it should play PSR styles with no tweaking whatsoever.
If worse came to worst, I think a custom XG
SF(all instruments including drums) in the now defunct LiveSynth, will do the trick.
That is also the beauty of Forte, since LiveSynth is a DXi, and Forte hosts both
VSTi and DXi.

Good Luck and GO FORTE!!