Hi everyone,

I'm new here at this board.
And registred after reading all this posts.
My question is the following..
I have a DAW station, and recently added an aardvark LX6pro audiocard (really good low latency but no sounds onboard). I couldn't make it work together with my old audigy, so I putted this one into my other internet pc.
I used to play midifiles (xg/gs/gm) with vanbasco together with a good soundfont. And playing live guitar, keyboard and singing. Worked fantastic. No need for launching nuendo. But I can't do this anymore.. No more access straight to soundfonts :-(
I use winXP Pro. After reading these posts, I think a combination of MidiYoke NT, Vanbasco, Livesynth Pro, Brainspawn forte will simulate what I did before with only the audigy..
I can order brainspawn via the net, but can not find Livesynth pro anywhere. Is the support of this program finished? Or does anybody knows where I can order this?
If I understand right, is it possible to select the BS Forte inside VanBasco?

Thanks for answers in advance, regards, Nina