Vquestor, you might be on to something here.

Keyboard->OMB->MYoke->forte->Hyper Canvas

OMB->MYoke->forte->LiveSynth (drums)

The problem I see is that you would somehow need to suppress the drum channels going to Hyper Canvas. In LiveSynth you could run only the XG Drums from sYnerGiGS. I am not certain whether OMB lets you use more then 1 output. Some programs like Cakewalk do.

forte is very powerful when it comes to midi and it may well allow you to suppress the channels of your choice going to specific synths. I just don't know this aspect well enough. I will ask the experts.

The beta testing is an up and down game. They just released a fix for some midi issues (stuck notes, etc.). However, some of my styles play out of tune - oh my!!!

I tried installing the RT Player Pro demo and got a message during installation that my time had run out. I will have to get into the registry and remove all reference to RT Player (assuming I can find them all) and try the installation again.

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