Vquestor, things are still progressing along those lines. A relative of mine will be purchasing (at a very low price) one of my computers once she has enough money saved. Once that happens I will put together my shuttle version of a music computer.

In the meantime, I am one of the beta testers for Brainspawn's forte wrapper. It seems like a very good VST/DX instrument and effects wrapper. In addition, they will design a future version with Audio in, e.g., voice, etc. so that I could use VoiceMachine or DecaBuddy. If this happens then this will be the most slick and economical approach to a totally software based solution for arranger systems. Currently, I use Cubase SX (expensive) with Project5 Rewired (expensive). It works very well but it is not slick as forte would be with Audio In. VoiceMachine still does not work in real time - very large delay. Steinberg will correct this in a future update of Cubase SX. Apparently older versions of Cubasis do not have this problem.

Soundtrek seems to be very slow in coming out with a Windows XP compatible Jammer Live. Similarly, Seersystem's Reality is nowhere to be found for Windows XP. Oh well, I don't need them. LiveSynth is doing a fine job.

I just installed VRSound's 3D Pipes which emulate the Baylor University magnificent pipe organ. It sounds very good indeed. It consists of 46 presets for the 4 manuals and the pedals. The whole sample set is about 400 MB.

I have started to tweak the Tyros styles for use on my system. They sound like Yamaha, i.e., fairly good.

I am still very pleased with my system. It is efficient and effective - it is reliable, plays well and sounds excellent.