The decision to move on or not is completely a personal one and really means nothing in itself. It's all about music after all. If advancing to a new keyboard expands your musical potential then there is no question that that is right thing to do. On the other hand if you feel that the keyboard you currently use allows you to express yourself musically then it is fine to keep exploring musically using that setup.

It really is all about the music and not the technology. Don't get me wrong if improved technology expands your horizons then certainly embrace that. On the other hand it is ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.

See my thread on the Roland MT32 from well over 15 years ago where I point out that the music is the priority and not the technology by itself .... though technology can certainly help to musically express yourself much clearer. There is no clear answer here. It is completely up to the indiviual musician. But it is always the resulting music that matters whatever you decide to play.

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