Originally posted by Peter Lowden:
their attitude on this forum is about as low as it comes.
Kind regards

You cannot answer a simple question so, how could you possibly know what my attitude is.
Unlike you I have always stood up for what is right, and what is not right is for you or Bebop to be bullying others telling them what they should or should not do.
I say again what could you possibly know about anything when you have failed over time to answer any logic questions that have been put to you, As for yourself you are obviously on Bebops email list and probably only one of the few that are left because he has intimated on more than one occasion that he was fed up because nobody replies to tell him what a great guy he is excepting you of course I suspect.
Oh! and by the way when you are agreeing with Bebop about breaking KN's for spares take a tip DON'T because once again you opened your mouth without thinking Panasonic are committed to support the spares for seven years.
And just to end with a quote of yours Quote"Surely you don't think I come to the Technics forum to get involved with debates "Unquote we can all see you run away from valid debates, just arrogantly refuse and then just call people names. Its a pattern we've seen a few times in the past.