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Yes of course other keyboards have been and always will be discussed, compared to eachother etc. But as long as SZ already have both Yamaha and also the Gen.Arr. forums, it is maybe a idea not to make all the forums like a "lookalike mixture" of everything. When I enter the Ketron forum, I expect that it's Ketron that's about, not advertising or tell everybody to buy other keyboardbrand because I do so myself. If so, why not have everything on Gen.Arr. part of the SZ?

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I'm not sure if closing the thread is the answer either, it's quite clear to me and i'm sure many others what is going on. The intention of Technicsplayer and Johnnie C is quite clearly to disrupt any thread that does not interest them, or is not about Technics keyboards, I suppose it would help just to ignore them and their childish argumentative comments.

That's about all you can do, or go look at other threads and hope the pair of them are occupied arguing with someone somewhere else on the Technics forum.

Good luck again Bill with your new Tyros 2
If you write a review and record anything can you let me know by emailing me.

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