[QUOTE]Originally posted by Peter Lowden:
[B] I imagine there was a time when your postings here were of a very informative nature, somehow I think you're being laughed at now by many for the quite childish ridiculous rantings that we read from you on a regular basis in your postings.

I hope you're pleased with yet another thread that you've totally ruined for everybody.


Good Grief!!!!!!!!
If there was a Nobel prize for childish rantings Peter, you would be a "shoo in"
The man you have just attempted to denigrate has been surely the main single contributer to knowledge of KN keyboards (TO THOSE WHO WISH TO LEARN) both on this forum and through other publications. His knowledge of the inner workings, and work arounds of these boards, and his generosity in shareing is outstanding.
Your posts on this thread Peter are reminicent of the weedy kid standing behind the schoolyard bully and urging him on when things look like calming down.
Where is Grandpa Doug these days?
What we need is a long philosophical ramble to calm everybody down.
Regards to everyone still interested in KB MUSIC