WEll then SHAME ON ME, because i was the first person to place an order for the Tyros 2 with Dan O in Baltimore. I am anticipating my November delivery with great glee while I arrange to sell either 3 of 4 or 4 of 4 Technics keyboards.
If I was not a progressive then i would still be using a commodore 64 with Quantum link and a lowrey micro genie keyboard.
Wake up people the world is changing every day. Few people are driving Model T Fords today. We have a used keyboard store in San Jose. I just wish all you negative folks could visit it one day with me. It is like a museum. It has every antique keyboard that was the top of the line in its day but no buyers today. They sound kinda funny now days also.
I agree with everything that Scott wrote in his post.
One other thing that comes to mind. when you sell your Technics keyboards put a notice in the box with the synthzone address and specifically the Technics forum address. The newbies will need help if it is their first Technics and for many it will be, as I only see newbies buying Technics.
I got this forum going 6 years ago and I am really happy to see you all here and the growth in this forum over the years. I believe it will still be active long after I am gone, until the last Technics breaks down and no more spare parts.
However..... having said that i do need to stay current and I believe personally after several months research, I have narrowed the field of choice FOR ME to the G 70, the PA1X and the Tyros 2. I ordered the Tyros 2 Three weeks ago. it was the unanimous winner of the competition for my vote and dollars.
Best to all
Retired moderator of the Technics Forum.
Special thanks to Nigel for all you have given to us for the Technics Forum. Long may it live