Originally posted by Peter Lowden: ........ The intention of Technicsplayer and Johnnie C is quite clearly to disrupt any thread that does not interest them, or is not about Technics keyboards, I suppose it would help just to ignore them and their childish argumentative comments.

That's about all you can do, or go look at other threads and hope the pair of them are occupied arguing with someone somewhere else on the Technics forum.

I'm not sure if I get what you say here right. Because reading posts and being member of several forums through the years, (both here and at technote old & new or wherever), I most say that the contribution from the gentlemen you mention here has always been excellent and very helpful for the users of Technics and other keyboards.
It also look like that it's not just Alec, but Walt, Joan, RC, Jack and myself who more or less have made exactly the same points in the tread here, so far from being disruptive they give valid points about this kind of bragging.

Happy playing
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