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Hmmm....I still think this forum should be renamed "[b]Technics & Yamaha Discussions"....


When you look at the thread titles there does seem to be a lot of debate about other keyboards (Tyros 2 mainly) as Technics keyboards become harder to repair and forum members move on to other keyboards I can only see the pattern of topic steering even further away from Technics. It has to be remembered that many members here don't want to talk about anything but Technics instruments, I can remember some time ago a forum member expressing his delight about buying a Roland G70, there followed the normal pattern of disruption by Johnnie C and the usual few, and the member defected to the Roland forum, if I remember rightly he returned after much protest to continue in a very informative thread.

It's obvious that other keyboards will be mentioned here and I think you're right in time Yamaha will talked about as much as Technics if not more. My hope is that those that who only want to discuss Technics keyboards could just ignore, and not disrupt the threads about other keyboards.

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