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Here is a case of WAIT AND SEE. The old people should still hold out. CABLE is not only NOT as good as DISH network (digital signal) but much more expensive.B]

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Nothing to do with wait and see i'm afraid (which is always a good policy) this was simply don't want it it's new and we've always got by OK with BT. As for a dish on the wall, they all recieve their TV via analogue aerials. My elderly neighbour who lives sadly on her own watches a dreadful picture every evening, I tried for an hour several months ago to explain the cheaper benefits of cable TV and phone, she would save at least 20 a month, couldn't convince her though, it's like I say old habits die hard!

When the promotional offers from cable were posted through our doors the line rental was half the price of BT and the calls 75% cheaper, did they jump at the offer no they dug there heels in further.

For those that did take advantage of the new service we got cheaper calls broadband internet and 30 free chanels.

What's the sense in watching a dreadful picture, when it could be perfect, why watch a black and white tele when there's colour, why only want to play a keyboard that's several years old when there's so much more beside on offer. The answer, BLINKERED VISION!!

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