Originally posted by Phil Lynch:
posted by BEBOP: "SHAME ON ME"

Well, where do I start with this post, first I will say itís everyone to their own
taste, to be fair Bebop has not rubbished Technics! He has always praised the
KN series! If he wants to purchase a Tyros 2 then, why not. If when he plays
about with it, and does not like it he will surely buy something else!
I have myself had over the years, lots of Technics, in 1985 I bought the SX-k250.
the 350-500-700. I then bought the KN1000, next the KN2000. I sold that one and
bought the KN5000, I sold that one, and bought the KN2000, I sold that and bought
the KN6000, I sold that one and bought the KN2000, I sold that and bought and
bought the KN7000, I kept that and bought the KN2000, I sold that and bought another KN7000, I now have two KN7000ís. Guess what I bought today???
A KN2000, I will sell one of the KN7000ís, but I have firmly decided I will
Never, never again part with the KN2000. which takes me to the point of,
ďeveryone to their own choiceĒ Mine is definitely the KN2000, and will always
Remain so. No use saying to me itís old hat, to you maybe, but itís my decision
And my choice. It sounds great to me. Lets face it we all have soft spots for old KNís
and I wager I am not the only one who likes the KN2000, the first major keyboard
made by any manufacturer.
Kind regards to all.

Hi Phil,

You certainly don't fall into the non adventurous category. It would appear you, like the majority, are always looking for something better even if you always seem to go back to your old favourite instrument.
No doubt you'll keep searching and one day who knows maybe you'll fall in love with Tyros 2 or 3? It's those that don't search that I feel miss out on so much.

Kind regards